understanding google core updates how they affect your website

Understanding Google’s Core Updates: Impact on Your Website

Google regularly makes big changes to how it decides what shows up when you search. These are called core updates, and they’re like big adjustments to make sure Google gives you the best search results possible. Here’s what you need to know:

How Core Updates Work?

  • Google doesn’t target specific pages or websites with core updates. Instead, they’re about making sure Google’s systems understand content better overall.
  • Imagine making a list of the top 100 movies one year and then updating it a few years later. New great movies might appear, and some old ones might move down the list, not because they’re bad, but because newer ones are better.
  • So, if your website’s ranking changes after a core update, it doesn’t mean your content is bad. It just means Google thinks other content is more relevant.

Assessing Your Content

  • If your website’s ranking drops after a core update, it might not mean there’s anything wrong with your content.
  • Focus on creating the best content you can. Google likes content that’s helpful and reliable.
  • Check which pages were most affected and think about why. Maybe other pages are doing a better job of helping people with the same topic.
  • Ask others for honest feedback on your content to see if there are areas you can improve.

Recovering from Core Updates

  • Big core updates happen every few months, and if your content was affected, it might take until the next one for things to improve.
  • Sometimes smaller updates happen too, but they might not be as noticeable.
  • Remember, just because you make improvements to your site doesn’t guarantee your ranking will go back up. Google always tries to show the most helpful content first.